The Medieval Party 2023


It’s our Biggest Halloween Event Yet!!

The Haunted House Party starts in

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We are all very excited to get this party started again… and if you’ve been here before, we know we will likely see you again and we CAN HARDLY WAIT! If this is your first time… ohhhh, you have no idea yet what you’re in for… just remember, we all were first timers once 🙂

This Year is BY INVITE ONLY (Again)

You and up to FOUR (4) of your guests may join us for an awesome night of fun and excitement!


  • Yourself and your guests completely done up in your best costumes.
  • This evening is completely complimentary, so please don’t feel obligated to bring anything else (other than your safe passage to and from our event).


  • Lots of very fun, energetic, friendly people!
  • Two stocked bars with talented professional bartenders
  • Signature drinks / cocktails
  • A live DJ
  • And some fun surprises during the evening


The theme of the party is “Medieval Party”. You may wear ANY costume that you would like.. get creative and enjoy!


You absolutely MUST RSVP to be on the guest list. Please provide the names of all of your guests. This not only helps us plan, but space is limited and we want to be sure that we treat all of our guests to a spooktacular evening!


This year we will continue to use VIP Wristbands. We know, sounds a little “clubbie”… but we want to maintain the spirit of the evening as an event that remains invite only… and those street zombies get attracted to all the music and activity.


If you would like to take part in our event, please fill in your details in this Event Registration Form below and you will be automatically registered. An invitee needs to enter their information along with their guests information. Contact information from each guest is required for contact tracing as per COVID-19 regulations.