Why Use WorkForceCapital

No Up-Front Fees

No up-front fees, we only bill for hours worked.

Additional Manpower

When you need additional manpower to complete projects on time.

Highly Skilled

Compliment your existing workforce with skilled, trained and ready to work people.

Work Shifts

Add a night shift to get projects completed on time or take on more work.

Canadian WorkForce

Bid on projects with confidence knowing that you have the advantage of additional skilled work crews who are Canadian.

Increased Cash Flow

Improve project cash flow with WorkForceCapital payment terms.

100% Guarantee

Confidently proceed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from WorkForceCapital – we stand behind every man and woman we employ at your worksite.

End to End service

Offset risk on a project as all WCB, payroll, provincial and federal deductions, liability insurance, screening, recruitment, and contingent workforce logistics are employed by and administered by WorkForceCapital.

Hire WorkForceCapital

Looking to compliment your workforce?